Why Technatize

Why technatize?

With more than 20 years of experience in technical translations I have no issue with most content offered to me. My skills have also developed over the years. When I started out, it was mainly work on user manuals for household appliances and electronics. Though I kept working on improving my translation skills through education and experience. In the meantime I have build up an excellent cooperation with several engineers. The first protoype of the vaporizer was developed by the guy I have worked with for over 15 years. The main engineer I work with has been in the metal and heating industry for over 50 years and still works as a consultant, with over 30 heat pumps installed in the last year.

Hydraulics, mechanics, packaging machines, CNC, farm software for the agricultural industry. It all appears on a daily basis, but it never get's boring, since the techology is constantly on the move. And I love it. Being busy with technical development and language at the same time.

And when I don't work on any translations, I spend my time working on my Landrover Discovery II, a conversion from automatic to manual or on my Landrover Defender 300 TDI, complete overhaul.

I don't just work as a technical translator, I read reference materials, like to find out how a product works and try to really understand it and engage with it. Processing lines, the work of an operator, how an operator reads a manual, the electrical parts, hydraulics, mechanics...it's all my second nature. I have been in the position of a machine operator and nothing is more annoying than a horribly translated and formatted manual. It wastes time and in the end could even cost a lot more (imagine pressing the wrong buttons).

Now the Netherlands might be a small country and Dutch a small language, but the Netherlands is still ranking as the 17th largest economy in the world and the 6th largest in Europe.

To improve your market share on the Dutch market, good lokalisation of your product is an absolute must.

And that while Technatizing an average manual ranges from 300 euro, which is 3000 words, to bigger manuals for 1500 euro, the more extensive manual with 15.000 words . Yes, with Technatize it's not hard to save money.